This Writer Isn’t Used to Standing

I write restaurant reviews, looking for the hot new trends. It is a sedentary job and I am not used to standing. As a food writer, I sit and eat or I sit and type. They say sitting is bad for you and it is important to take frequent breaks. I was on my feet all day today and my feet are killing me. I went on a marathon so to speak of visiting potential fodder for my column. I spent all day and night out at difference food places, with some only having standing room at the bar. It was certainly lively and fun, but I am not paying the price. I like to see successful venues as it is a good sign for the industry as a whole. While there are so many retail spaces empty in my area, the restaurants are pretty stable and now and then a new one pops up. I am first in line to try it and pen a review.

After a major day and night at my craft, I was experiencing some significant foot pain. I had been a foot massager years ago as a birthday gift and it was still sitting in its pristine box. Now was the time to give it a try. I was so pleased that I wanted to write a review on Facebook, not my usually subject for sure. While these come battery operated, I had to plug this model in which was no problem. I live in a modern dwelling with plenty of outlets. Ha! The device has several settings and you try them all to find the optimal one. Given the degree of soreness, I chose “high.” The basic design consisted of a rubber motorized pad that you hold against any area of the foot. You can insert various other attachments such as a pad with rubber spikes (not the stiff, hard kind). It would be ideal if someone would operate the massager for you so you don’t have to get in a pretzel position to reach all parts of your feet.

It did take some maneuvering, so it the absence of a masseuse, I did just fine. I got a lot of relief and repeated the procedure eight hours later. By the next day, I was back to normal, just like new. I didn’t box the appliance just yet. I would love to give it another run soon. It is that nice. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks, then reading some foot massager reviews will help you find the best value models that fit within your budget and still give great performance, and avoid the overpriced lemons.

Now that I have a solution, I don’t mind the idea of a long time on my feet when necessity calls and I am reviewing a busy locale. Even if you sit at the computer, the massage still feels wonderful.