My Post-Dinner Out Routine

My fervent passion for food keeps me out at night in local restaurants of note. I report on them, so other diners will see me taking notes as I eat. Such is the life of a food critic. Sometimes you get noticed and stared at, but most of the time I am alone and keep to myself. Ah! The wonderful meals I have enjoyed fill my memory with savory thoughts. But there is a downside to all this pleasure. You can overeat and drink and suffer indigestion now and then. This poses a problem for your sleep habits as they can be interrupted. I have to establish a regular routine in order to stay alert during the daytime.

People suffer insomnia for various reasons. Feeling ill is one of the worst. I am going to tell you about my regimen and suggestions for a long night’s rest. When I get home from dining out, I have a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile or other type. This puts me to sleep. Others like milk which is proven to be effective at bed time. If you are really not nodding off, you can take the non-prescription medication called melatonin. You can’t take it forever but it is good in a pinch.

Also before bed, I douse the lights and turn off the cell phone and TV, and don’t check Facebook. These distractions get in the way of a good sleep. It can take an hour or two to recover. Sometimes I stretch a bit and try to find a comfortable position in bed. I try not to have too many blankets although just the right amount of warmth is a good remedy for insomnia. If you have indigestion, a Tums tablet is a gentle aid for the intestinal tract. If you are keyed up from a bad day or talking excitedly with friends late at night in person or on the phone, you need to calm yourself down and turn off your mind. Thoughts rushing through your head deter sleep for sure. It is hard to stop all the clatter, but you must turn to soothing thoughts that don’t rev up your brain.

Good health depends upon seven to nine hours of deep sleep. It also depends on nutrition and exercise so one’s life routine will impact the ability to get the right amount of rest. It has to be everyday so as to establish a pattern. Then you can skip a night here and there and still stay productive during the day. I know I can’t write my food reviews if I am over tired from lack of sleep. You can, of course, over exercise and this will curb your rest period. Keep a log of your sleep habits and try my suggestions to see if it changes the results. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling refreshed when that nasty alarm goes off. I don’t jump out of bed, but I don’t linger either. I hope you find what works for you.